What is vacation ownership?

Vacation ownership is referred to by several names, including timeshare and vacation intervals. Vacation ownership offers you the opportunity to purchase fully furnished vacation accommodations sold in a variety of forms, such as, weekly intervals or Point-based systems . For a one time purchase price and payment of an annual maintenance fee, you can own your vacation!

All owners share the usage and the upkeep costs of their unit and the common grounds of the resort property.

Spacious floor plans and home-like amenities are very attractive when compared to traditional hospitality products. A home-away-from-home vacation ownership also provides the space and flexibility needed easily accommodate families and larger traveling parties.

Unlike a hotel room or rental cottage that require payment for each use, with rates that usually increase each year, ownership at a timeshare property enables you to enjoy a resort, year after year, for the lifetime of your ownership, with only a one-time purchase price and payment of yearly maintenance fees. Timeshare ownership lets you save on the escalating cost of vacation accommodations over the long term, while enjoying all the comforts of home in a resort setting. Vacation ownership allows you to take ownership of your vacation future.

With vacation ownership you will find that vacations regain there position as an important part of your life. They are no longer a luxury that you cannot afford. Vacations are an important part of your health and well-being because they provide time to relax away from work and home, time to make memories with your families, time to recharge your batteries, and time to enjoy the adventures that come with exploring new places.

Given the choice, most people would vacation more often. And it’s no wonder, because vacations enrich our lives in so many ways. Ownership increases the amount of time spent on holidays, which translates to better health and happiness overall.

Make vacations a priority again in your life. Discover how vacation ownership can give you tremendous freedom and choice in how to spend your leisure time. Here at Stallion Springs Resort we are committed to helping you vacation well, in order that you may live well.